Select Oscar Toga Packages

Package A: Image Enhancement $ 1,990

  • Private, confidential one-on-one session with an Oscar Toga Advisor.
  • Evaluation of your current image and style.
  • Defining your desired career and personal objectives.
  • Identifying your body language traits and habitual moves.
  • Training on body language communications skills.
  • Dues and don’t of social behavior.
  • Outlining a preliminary plan to meet your personal and career objectives.
  • Analyzing your current personal brand and evaluate a re-branding.
  • Define which style would be most appropriate for your body and for communicating your personal brand image.

Package B: Image enhancement and personal shopping $ 2,590

It includes all services in Package A, plus a visit to a nearby retail establishment for hands-on personal shopping recommendations.

Package C: Image enhancement, personal shopping and professional photo shoot $ 3,990

It includes all services in Package A and B, plus Arranging, planning and scheduling a photo shoot for a mutually convenient date and time. One full day with a photographer, visiting three different locations. Approximately 500 + photos will be taken of yourself and subsequent selection for adequately meeting your personal brand objectives.

Package D: Creation of your personal brand $ 5,590

It includes all services in Package A, B and C, plus defining, developing and creating your own personal brand name.

Package E: Professional film for your self-introduction $ 7,990

It includes all services in Packages A, B, C, D, plus arranging, planning and scheduling filming for a professional video introduction of your self. Creating a content monologue or dialogue for your introduction. One full day with the videographer, meeting in an indoor filming studio. Subsequent editing of the video and delivery of the video intro on a CD and in a uploading file format.

Package F: Creation and launch of your personal brand website $ 9,990

It includes all services in Packages A through E, plus a professional designer creation of your personal brand website, including your photos from the shoot, your video introduction, the necessary word content and editing to create your bio and properly communicate your message on the world stage.